Corporate Real Estate

Property is one of the largest costs on your balance sheet and will have a major impact on business performance.

An effective real estate strategy will enhance productivity through a combination of strategic planning and operational and process improvements. These are targeted at reducing real estate costs, optimising the efficiency of real estate holdings, mitigating risk and unlocking and enhancing asset values.

At Taylor Brooks we appreciate the dynamic nature of business and the need for operations to flex to remain competitive and profitable in the long term. We have a proven track record of working with clients to design and implement real estate strategies which align with the enterprise goals of the company.

Whatever your business, we can offer the following core services:

•  Portfolio Reviews for Business Planning
•  Rationalisation Action Planning
•  Corporate M&A Portfolio Reviews
•  Asset Valuations for Financial Reporting
•  Surplus Lease Mitigation
•  Surplus Lease Provision Reviews (IAS37)
•  IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Standard Planning

•  Relocation Search & Acquisition Advice
•  Property Acquisitions for Owner-Occupiers / SIPP’s
•  Sale & Leaseback Advice
•  Lease Restructuring / Re-Gears
•  Asset Management Strategy Plans
•  Property Asset Disposals
•  Virtual Property Manager Consultant for SME’s

How Prepared Are You ?  – IFRS 16 Accounting Standard: Changes to the Treatment of Leases

Under the new accounting standard, IFRS 16, the financial implications of holding leasehold property is set to change with effect from 1st January 2019. The new standard radically changes how leases are to be recognised in company financial statements. Rent will cease to be treated as an expense in the Profit & Loss account and instead, leases will be shown on the balance sheet as both a liability for future obligations, and as an asset, reflecting the right to use the property. This can potentially add a large liability to the balance sheet, impacting on companies key financial ratio’s and covenant.

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